I'll make this as short as possible. I decided to try a cheaper internet service (should have known better already)!!!. So I heard about Clear and had the sales guy come out. We got 5 bars on the modem (thats supposed to be the best) and were ready to roll. By the way, I did not disconnect my cable internet just in case....good move!!!

So we gave it a test. I was on the laptop and my son on his XBox live. He immediately told me his connection was horrible. But wait, I have 5 bars on the modem...how could that be? I called my sale rep and he gave me some lame excuse about a "traffic jam" on the tower and they were working on it. I told him this sux and I dont want it. I sent back the equipment and thought that was that....

But the nightmare was just beginning. Billing issues started from the get go. They put my credit card on another persons account as well as mine. This was in December and as of today (Feb 11th) I have been billed over $200 for a service I used for a few minutes. I was refunded all my money (after numerous, and I mean numerous calls to Clear) and thought we were done. Then yet another charge applies to my account. I called yet again and demanded my money back that day and assurance my account was closed. I was told that I would get my $52 back that day. A week later and that still hasn't happened. Time for another call as well as a leeter to corporate and an email to my sales rep. So my advice.....