NOV.1-10 2007


25th Anniversary Trip


******* A very sincere thanks to my brother, Brad, for suggesting

that Tambra and I take this trip for our 25th instead of Hawaii..I don't

think anything could top this!!!!!! ******

My video of our Texas Nascar Race

Charlotte Day 1 video

Charlotte Day 2 video

more videos to come....

Day 10

Here we are in the Charlotte airport getting ready to head home. It's been a blast, but

we are also ready to get back home and see the family. I'll put together a

"greatest clips" video soon and post it. Chuck, thanks again for the use of

the laptop!!!!

Day 9...

we went to Michael Waltrip Racing(looks like they had a crappy day

at qualifying) and Joe Gibbs Racing... Michaels shop was awesome and the only

one that would actually let you see inside each area... this was our last day.

We have had a great time and are actually looking forward to getting back home. I have

a new appreciation for what all is involved in racing and really feel for teams

such as Michael and Dale Jarrett when they don't make "the show"  All 3

cars from MWR are coming back home. That's gotta suck and be bad for moral

around the shop...hope they get it together...


Day 8...we are all updated now...goodnight..

We went back to visit the Gordon/Johnson buildings at Hendricks..

Hendricks/Rousch/Gannassi slideshow here

then on to RCR...all we can say is wow!

RCR slideshow here

Day 7...

started with a trip to the police dept to fill out a report...someone

sideswiped our car in the Penske parking lot...other than that, it was

another good day!!! People sure are friendly here...

Lowes,Hendricks,Ganassi,Lancasters and hockey(went to a shootout!)


Day 6 is starting...

we are hitting DEI, JR Motorsports, Penske and

"The Dale Trail" today...


Day 5..Charlotte!!!

We have made it to Charlotte...finally! Got rerouted to Atlanta..waiting

for our luggage now...more laters!!! Hope all you

friends from Texas made it home safely!!

Day 4... Cup Race Day!!!

Cup Day Slideshow now available here

Wow! What a race! Kenseth/Hamlin/Johnson...what a show!

Here's the gang... after a very long weekend...waiting for the crowd to thin...

Thanks Mike, Bob, Adam, David, Guy and Mike... ya'll made this a great trip!! Can't wait to do it again!!

Stay tuned!!! Tomorrow we are off to Charlotte for a week!!!

Day 3 is done.

Another great day! The race was a tad bit boring..we needed

a few more cautions to get off our Guy and David got

to check out the pits/garage area. Bob got to see Victory Lane

up REALLY close!(boy Bob, you got



David and Guy signing the wall in the tunnel under the speedway...

my "ass" made a new friend (Ruthann...thanks for the email!!!)and thanks for being a good sport!!!!

Bob was able to just cruise into Victory Lane..though not supposed to...

this was the Jeff Gordon "smooth move" of the day!!!


Day 2....Truck Race Day


Wow...i'm bushed. 1:30 am...started at 6am..

but what a blast!..i'll keep it short...check out the slideshow here..

autographs from Childress,Kahne,Helton...and more!!

and a fantastic truck race finish right in front of us!!


Day 1....

flights went great and everything was good the first day..even

got upgrade on the car to a Dodge Magnum..basically got in, went to eat..

hit Walmart for supplies and are calling it a night...

we get started tomorrow at 6am..looks like we have pit passes

courtesy of DirecTV!!! More laters!!

Chris Rea-Texas


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