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Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

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Day 5

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Oh Yeah...!!!! The conversion is complete!!!!


Sunday.....time to see a little of Richmond and it's history....so what better place than the American Civil War Museum. And then a little food and fun and Dave and Busters

            Our hotel                                                                                                 some of the homes in Richmond            




It was the Sprint Cup race tonight. We slept in, then hit the track. Spent most of the time in the pits for all the prerace activities. Got to see Richard Petty and one of my alltime favorites, Bobby Allison. We were actually on pit road as the drivers were getting into their cars...that was cool! Then we wre able to get Denny Hamlin on video coming into Victory Lane. I'll post some pics tonight and then some more in the morning. It's 2:30am...pooped!!!!

We got our picture taken with one of the all-time greats....Bobby Alison....wow, what a moment!!!

Night Ranger getting ready to play..............this guy was dressed for the day...remember 9/11

The King on pit road........................................................................................Jimmy and Juan having a moment before the race

Carl Edwards                                                                                                   Junior sitting on the wall prerace

Denny Hamlin headed to Victory Lane in Richmond


It's 1:23am....long day....going to bed....will post more pics in the morning...

Tambra doing her dammnedest(?) to get Juniors autograph....and she succeeded!!!


Sorry no new pics yet...spent day 6 getting to Richmond, buying some groceries after checking in, etc.


Today was our last in DC. Started by getting up at 5:30 to get ready and catch the metro again into town. Got home tonight at 9:30. Had a blast again. Rode the tour bus again. Giot up close to the Lincoln Memorial and visited the other Air/Space Museum downtown. Took our tour of the Capitol....that was something else. There's a heck of a lot of history here...thats an understatement.

We even got called out during the movie before the tour as the announcer asked if there were any Bronco fans here....when we yelled, he said "go home already....let our nightmare end"....lol....it was great!!!! We ened the day with a nighttime tour of the memorials all lit up....it was great.....too bad my pics will never show it.... Tomorrow it's off to Richmond for some Nascar!!!

at the Lincoln Memorial



Ok, so we were going to hit the Capitol tour today at 9am, but that didn't happen. Too stinkin' tired. Sooooo, plan B. We were able to change the the Capitol tour to Wednesday. We hit the metro about 1pm to the Capitol area and took the doubledecker bus tour around the Capitol. That was wayyyyy kewl. We plan on doing it again tomorrow, but this time getting off the bus to check out things closer, such as the Lincoln Memorial, The White House, etc. We left downtown just in time to be a part of the awesome Washington rush hour traffic home...that was a joy!!! We closed the evening having dinner with some old friends Jeff and Sandra. It's been since 1996 I believe. It was another good day. Tomorrow will be action packed with more sightseeing...then it's on to Richmond for the Nascar race. Just found out we got Hot Passes!!!!!

The White House....wayyyyyy back there....and Fords Theatre...

with Jeff and Sandra Guyman.....been a long time!!!! We played in a band together a few years ago....check out our stuff on my old band page



Ya just have to believe! Thats it...just believe....and it will happen......

It's 3am or so.....we're beat. So i'll keep this short since we'll be back on the metro in 4 hrs to head to the Capitol and do the tour....definitely in our Bronco gear!!!!! Thanks to all the Hokie fans. You were awesome hosts and we really appreciated your hospitality. Thanks to Micron for a heck-of-a tailgate party!!! Complete with a trip through th woods and all....lol!!! The stadium was crazy. Nothing but good things were said between the fans....lot's of respect. The Ju Ju was good tonight.....

Our "crew" having a little pregame lunch.....then the walk to the stadium from the metro....boy did we walk today....

The Micron tailgate and WAC Daddy was there!!!!!

here's the "crew" again...ready to head into the lions den....

This little kid was our good luck charm as far as i'm concerned.....he never stopped believing....


Wow.....what a day!!! Went to the Air and Space Museum first......lots to see there. Then we took our "plunge" into the Metro and went into Arlington to the Crystal City Sports Pub... the Broncos unofficial home away from home. What a friggin blast!!! Thanks to John for ignoring me and knowing where to go (he used to live here ya know). It was great meeting up with Marcel, Rikki and Mark!!! Marcel even had some guy offer up $80 for his jersey....which he sold....sentimental value to another Bronco parent.....very kewl!!! KTVB was there too...the place was packed!!!! All 3 floors full of BRONCOMANIACS!!!!!

So,. it's 1:19 am EST. We made it home on the metro. Here's some pics...though certainly not all of em'.....more when I have time. BroncoNation is indeed here....loud n' proud!!!! Next time I post will be after the game.....good luck Broncos!!!!!

pics from the Air and Space Museum.....

John, Tambra and myself.....hanging out at Crystal City Sports Pub.... thanks to John for not listening to me and knowing how to get us there!!!!

Marcel, Rikki and Mark drove down from Connecticut .....and Mark Johnson and Governor Butch Otter have a little fun....



We are in DC now. First place we went was to Chick-fil-A!!!! Boy do we miss that place. Got into lots of conversation with the locals on the game.....guess they've really never seen a Bronco!!! Good folks. Gonna kick back tonight and hit the Air/Space Museum tomorrow...then meet up with the rest of Bronco Nation at the Crystal City Sports Pub.


As of 5/25 we have purchased all of our tickets and have even obtained pit passes for the Richmond race. All of the Bronco allotment of the lower level seats($94) are sold out, so we have to purchase upper level for $56.

Airline used was Southwest.

We purchased hotels via Priceline...Holiday Inn north of Dulles for $40 a night and Springhill Suites in Richmond for only $56 a night.

Kaylas parents are also going, so we hope to hookup with them while we are there.

Here is our itinerary:

Saturday Sept.4th arrive Washington via Dulles

Sunday Sept. 5th Washington

Monday Sept.6th BSU/Virginia Tech game in Washington DC FedEx Field

Tuesday Sept. 7th Washington

Wednesday Sept. 8thWashington

Thursday Sept. 9th head to Richmond

Friday Sept.10th Richmond for Nationwide race

Saturday Sept.11th Richmond for Cup race

Sunday Sept. 12th rainday...open

Monday Sept. 13th head back to Washington to fly out via Dulles





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