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Been awhile since we have done reviews....will do again soon.....updated 1/29/2011

 Tambra and I watched Marley and Me....3/27/09

10 out of 10

this is for anyone who ever owned a dog from a pup....great movie!

Marley & Me (2008) Poster
Role Models (2008) Poster I watched "Role Models"....2/28/09

7 out of 10

pretty funny!! Kiss theme....

 I saw "Flash of Genius"....2/28/09

8 out of 10

the little guy takes on a corporate giant...

Flash of Genius (2008) Poster
We watched "Taking Chance"....2/26/09

8 out of 10

this movie shows what the war is really about...... very emotional...on HBO

Tambra and I saw "Slumdog Millionaire"....2/14/09

7 out of 10

different, yet intriguing ....

Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Poster
Nights in Rodanthe (2008) Poster We watched "Nights in Rodanthe"....2/8/09

4 out of 10

chick flick....but the chicks only gave it a 4... Richard/Diane couldn't pull it off..

We watched "Pride and Glory"....2/7/09

7.5 out of 10

Ed Norton and Colin Farrell...

Pride and Glory (2008) Poster
Reservation Road (2007) Poster We watched "Reservation Road"...2/7/09

7 out of 10

kind of a depressing movie with a nice little twist.....

We watched "Gran Torino" tonight...1/24/09

7 out of 10

Clint Eastwood....what else can ya say....surprise ending....

Gran Torino (2008) Poster
Taken (2009) Poster We watched "Taken" tonight..all 6 of us.....1/12/09

9 out of 10

Action packed!! Better than 007!!!

We watched "Eagle Eye" tonight...1/10/09

7 out of 10

great effects!! drama!!

Eagle Eye (2008) Poster
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (2008) Poster We went to the theatre and saw Benjamin Button..

I give it 6 out of 10 Tambra gave it 8 out of 10 cause of Brad

I expected more....long movie....

Step Brothers (2008) Poster We watched "STEP BROTHERS" tonight...11/23/08

7 out of 10


We watched "Fred Claus" tonight...11/14/08

7 out of 10

great cast....and purty darn funny too!!!

Fred Claus (2007) Poster
Transsiberian (2008) Poster We watched "TRANSSIBERIAN" tonight...11/14/08

8 out of 10


We watched "Get Smart" tonight...10/18/08

6 out of 10

Steve Carell....definitely had it's funny moments

The Visitor (2008) Poster We watched "The VISITOR" tonight...10/19/08

4 out of 10

Slow movie with a crappy ending.....had potential...

We watched "Righteous Kill" tonight...9/28/08

7 out of 10

Pacino/De Niro...another decent thriller...

Righteous Kill (2008) Poster
The Strangers (2008) Poster We watched "The Strangers" tonight...10/18/08

6 out of 10

Scary, but disappointing ending....

We watched "Mirrors" tonight...9/27/08

8 out of 10

A good thriller....Kiefer Sutherland...

Mirrors (2008) Poster
The Happening (2008) Poster We watched "The Happening" tonight...9/17/08

4 out of 10

Horrible acting...stupid, yet funny..just plain weird!!!

"cheese and crackers!!"

We went to see the new Batman movie the other day...

8 out of 10 



8 out of 10  viewed 3/30/2008

a good look at how we screwed up in Iraq. It will anger you. And

I even considered myself a Bush fan at one time...we need to

get out of there...


No End in Sight (2007) Poster
Walk Hard. The Dewey Cox Story

7 out of 10  viewed 3/23/2008

pretty funny...some graphic shots as well....


Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep (2007) Poster The Water Horse:Legend of the Deep

6 out of 10  viewed 3/18/2008

Kewl graphics at times, other times not soooo kewl.....


more reviews here


6.5 out of 10  viewed 3/9/2008

not a bad movie...


Martian Child (2007) Poster
August Rush (2007) Poster AUGUST RUSH

8.5 out of 10  viewed 3/9/2008

a little corny in parts, but a good "feel good" movie..our first 8.5!


5 out of 10  viewed 3/8/2008

long...guess if ya hate what society stands for....


Into the Wild (2007) Poster
Fracture (2007) Poster FRACTURE

8 out of 10  viewed 3/1/2008

Anthony Hopkins is another good "bad guy" role...


6 out of 10   viewed 3/1/08

funny, but the GRATUITOUS  sex scenes were a little much..

Good Luck Chuck (2007) Poster
3:10 to Yuma (2007) Poster 3:10 to YUMA

7 out of 10  viewed 3/1/2008

good western....engaging...


5 out of 10   viewed 3/1/08

Long...drawn out...... Ending sucked...

There Will Be Blood (2007) Poster
Dan in Real Life (2007) Poster DAN IN REAL LIFE

8 out of 10  viewed 3/1/2008

great romantic comedy...another "8"


6 out of 10   viewed 2/24/08

this movie got Best Picture????? Ending sucked...

No Country for Old Men (2007) Poster
We Own the Night (2007) Poster WE OWN THE NIGHT

7 out of 10  viewed 2/15/2008

Pretty good movie...good guy/bad guy...

The Assassination of Jesse James by the

Coward Robert Ford

8 out of 10   viewed 2/2/08

intriguing as well as enlightening...

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (2007) Poster
Cloverfield (2008) Poster Cloverfield....

2 out of 10  viewed 1/19/2008

Couldn't handle the jumpy camera....could have actually been a really good movie.

The Great Debaters

7 out of 10  viewed 1/21/2008

Denzel Washington in a "feel good" movie...


The Great Debaters (2007) Poster
Gone Baby Gone (2007) Poster GONE BABY GONE

7 OUT OF 10  VIEWED 1/27/08

a good "thriller"..ya think it' over, then there's more...

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