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for Fathers Day in 2011 my family hooked me up with a beer making kit. My oldest son, Jason, has really taken an interest in different types of beers, beer making, beer wars, etc.... so he has been helping me with my new project. In fact, it's our project now. Here's how our new hobby has been going....

our first brew.....a Rogue NutBrown Ale....disappointing as it did not carbonate. Not sure what happened. Back to the drawing board.

*****update....after letting the beer sit for a few extra months it wasn't so bad!!

our second we named it "Tambra's Amber"(OG 1.100?/FG 1.020). Not too shabby. Brew friend/advisor Brian Haff said:

"Aroma. Good hop aroma. Raisin/slight prune fruit aroma.

Appearance. Nice head with good retention slight beige coloring. Hazy brownish red body.

Taste. Slight Carmel with sweetness. Slight alcohol taste. Good hop taste."

Thanks for the review Brian! Look at that head!!!

Mike Johnson writes "Tambra Ale - Good color and good retainability of foam head. Initially sharp malt taste which quickly subsides and leaves little after taste. Paired well with sharp cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese and good sour dough bread. It was an excellent complement to the sharp taste of the other foods and helped to cleanse the palette completely before next bite. Recommend for a complement to sharp tasting foods, to drink by itself I'd give it a 6 out of 1- 10 scale." Thanks for the review Mike!

our third and fourth batches....

Jason did a Smoked Peat Porter (OG 1.064/FG 1.022 ready to bottle in November) and

I did a Scottish Wee Heavy (OG 1.084/FG 1.030 ready in December)

Bottled Jason Sunday 11-14!!!! Took a taste test....

not too shabby!!!

******update..... The Smoked Peat Porter turned out great!

The Scottish Wee Heavy was contaminated somehow. Very sour. Dissappointed.

My Latest Project.....a Rauchbier Lager

brewed 3/5/12 (OG 1.055)

put into secondary fermentation on 3/17/12...FG 1.020

will keg on 4/13....


I am really looking forward to this one as I have my new keg system.

pouring my first beer out of my new keg...turned out great!

One of our best brews to date.....scored an 8 out of 10!!!

The ultimate compliment was when 2 people tried it and both commented on the smoke flavor..and I didn't even say anything...

my next project.....115th Dream Hopbursted's the description....

History has known this terrifying ale by many names: Darth Humulus, One Pound Johnny, the Green Monster, Cerveza del Diablo, Lord of the Fly Sparge, Harvester of Cones. There's no need for us to gild the lily, so how about some data followed by some facts: one pound of hops (yeah, a pound of hops), 9.2% abv, IBUs in the neighborhood of 120, BU:GU ratio of 1.2:1. Hopbursting is a technique that contributes a significant percentage of a beer's total bitterness through late additions, which as a byproduct creates a psychedelic amount of hop aroma and flavor. This kit uses enough ingredients to brew at least four session beers. If you serve this beer to a Michelob Ultra drinker, he or she will cry. If life were a 1950s horror flick, this I2PA would climb out of the fermenter and turn on its master. Your dentist does not want you to brew or drink this beer. Sorry in advance about your tooth enamel.


my next 2 projects....Yellowstone Nut Brown and Challis Wheaten...

We have 2 trips coming to Yellowstone with our bike group and one the Challis for the Braun Brothers. So we need

a beverage to take to both....






7/3/2011 ROGUE NUTBROWN NA NA NA 5.5 Did not carb at first..
9/4/2011 AMBER 1.100 1.020 10.7 6 "Tambra's Amber"
10/2/2011 POPKNOT PEAT SMOKED PORTER 1.064 1.022 5.6 7.5 Jasons creation
10/2/2011 SCOTTISH WEE HEAVY 1.084 1.024 8.0 0 sucked as it soured badley
3/5/2012 RAUCHBIER LAGER 1.055 1.020 4.7 8 first kegged beer
4/2/2012 BROTMEAL CHOC STOUT 1.062 1.028 4.5   Jasons....good one!
4/7/2012 115TH DREAM HOPBURSTED IPA 1.087 1.018 9.06 8.5 wicked 110 IBU hopfest!
7/7/2012 YELLOWSTONE NUT BROWN 1.044 1.012 4.2 7 nut brown...
7/9/2012 CHALLIS WHEATEN BEATDOWN 1.041 1.011 3.9 6 wheat/IPA combo






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